This pillar has been in every one of my campaigns and remains the top priority. Scope however, has changed from having no land for any purpose to now having a boundary from which the Municipality can grow the Urban Service Area of Fort McMurray. We have similar needs in our rural communities surrounded by oil sands growth, where they too can become service centers and capitalize on the opportunities of this region.

It is very important to keep our residential markets in balance, not oversupplied and not undersupplied as either scenario will move home values up or down. Keeping the housing market stable is the outcome I will be supporting.

On the commercial front, I am keen to see new service, retail, and entertainment options in our region that I will support initiatives to achieve just that! I want the “power mall” to be developed at the bottom of North Parsons. I have learned my lessons on not having balance within subdivisions, and I will push for better ratios of commercial supply.

I also plan to pursue a way to include those most neglected when it comes to land and access for so many other purposes that enhance our communities. Currently, there is a 10% municipal reserve granted by the Municipal Government Act. I would like that doubled. Schools and playing fields are the norm on the 10%, but imagine such a central zone including churches, multicultural and non-profit spaces being made available on long-term leases. I am prepared to expend effort on this to see what is possible to meet our many needs.

As our industry grows, and our population grows right along with it, we need to be in control of the lands we need.