Beyond the first two pillars, I base every decision I make on whether it improves the quality of life of the residents Wood Buffalo, in Fort McMurray, and in our rural communities. Quantifying quality of life measures is difficult but we all know when our needs are met. The myriad of budget items every year strive to meet our basic needs as a region and enhance elements of desirable living in all our communities.

City Center redevelopment is front and center these days, and while it is ambitious, it is not impossible. Think of the best cities in the world, how they are structured, and then compare them to other places that lack such vibrancy and attraction. Take into account the concentrated area to redevelop including a performing arts center, a civic center, a public plaza, the new fields at MacDonald Island, the goal of enticing new developers to bring in bigger buildings for office space, residences, and lots of ground floor commercial space that will interface with the street fronts buzzing with people all hours of the day. We will be one of the best cities in Canada.

Other things I favor and that I believe will improve our quality of life include, but are certainly not limited to;

     · the Zero Waste initiative,
     · a municipally owned utility corporation,
     · the North Side Recreation Center
     · Affordable living for seniors on Willow Square,
     · Beautification of meridians and curbs,
     · a Rapid Response Team in house to deal with easy municipal work not moving quickly enough (i.e. road repair, grass cutting, dust abatement, etc.),
     · a “power mall” at bottom of North Parsons,
     · a stable land market for commercial, residential, and multiple purposes like non-profit organization’s and multicultural and faith based needs.

Generally, I favor supporting any improvements, big or small, without increased taxes for any category, and that won’t be a future burden either. I believe that all this is possible because we are the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo and our community has the energy to get things done. I have worked through those tough times of the past decade and I would be honored to continue to serve in our better days ahead. Yes, I am dreamer, a builder and a believer. I will continue to make things happen with your support.